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Co-invest in a property

Rather than investing in a traditional way, you and many others will co-invest in a property with an amount that you can afford.

Why invest with RealStake?

Small cap - Flexible payment

Only from 20M VND for a share. You can even pay in installments as the schedule from the property developer's (2-3 years)

Safe - High Potential

Properties sold on RealStake are recommended by experts for high potential, legal safety and trustworthy developers

Easy - Invest Online

Research information, make deposit, make payment and sign contract online easily

3 steps to invest


Select property & numbers of shares

Select your favourite property to invest in and specify number of shares


Make deposit

Make a deposit payment to confirm your investment as well as reverse your selected shares


Get official contract

After deposited, you will receive an confirmation email. Within 3 days, your official contract will be transfered to you.

Properties on RealStake

Research information about the properties opening to invest. All the properties are evaluated and recommended by experienced experts

Each property on RealStake must meet all the following creteria:

The property has enough required legal documents

The property developer is a well-known & trust-worthy company

Located in cities with strong economy, trade or services

Very good long-term potential

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my proof of ownership?
When you invest, you will sign a contract with RealStake. The contract is the proof of your ownership as well as list out all terms & conditions
How can I gain from my investment?
The profit will come from selling the entire property or selling your shares with a gain. Additionally, the passive income could come from the profit-guarantee program or rental yeild.
Who can guarantee that my money deposited into RealStake is safe and used for what purpose?
All money of the customer will be used to pay the developer (or buy real estate if it is real estate already formed) according to the customer's choice. Customers can check the sales contract at the RealStake office at any time.
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